Home Kit

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Kitcamp Home Kit - Mermaid's haunt
Home Kit
Kitcamp Rocket
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Whiteboard for mark making

Home Kit

£1,145.00 excl. VAT and delivery

Provide engaging child-led play and learning opportunities for your kids. Kitcamp is an incredibly light, yet strong, modular play system, making it easy for young children to manipulate it, take it outdoors and use in all weathers.

Children combine imagination with physical activity, problem solving and communication skills. Extend role-play experiences by adding accessories and props. Read about “The Importance of Den Building” and how to encourage it.

Explore themes by building rockets, ships, planes, a hospital, castle or fort. Go on an adventure by creating a cave, or underwater cavern.

For a host of inspiring activities go to our resources page for free toolkits and let their imaginations flow.

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Manufactured in the UK.

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Home kit contents

3 x Solid square panels,
6 x Square panels with the square hole,
6 x Square panels with the circular hole,
10 x Triangular panels.

In addition to the panels your kit includes various props to enhance the learning through play experience;

    • 1 x waterproof sail canopy (2 x 1.3m). Used for den building, sailing boats, or a sun shade.
    • 1 x Whiteboard insert, for mark making or home school lessons,
    • 20 x cardboard inserts for creative play,
    • 30 x orange plugs, used for attaching items to the panels, such as the cardboard inserts and straps,
    • 20 x yellow edge straps for added security,
    • 10 x blue side straps to secure your builds, and
    • 3 x heavy duty, all weather hold all bags for storage and transporting.

A complete guide on how to use Kitcamp is included in your kit.
Kitcamp panels are manufactured in the UK, and comply with all relevant BS EN71 standards.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic we are offering all of our Toolkit resources free of charge.
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