We learn through PLAY. We fall, we fail,

we MAKE, create, discover, explore.

And at the end of the day, after all we’ve achieved,

we look to the sky, and BELIEVE.

Our mission

To inspire children and adults with memorable and extraordinary play experiences.

How it began…

Kitcamp was developed by Anna Saunt and Jonathan Lord, a mum and dad inspired by the intrinsic importance and value of ‘play’ in child development and learning.

Anna’s strongest childhood memories are around building dens from wooden boxes in her garden. Then in 2000, she had a ‘light bulb’ moment, however, it wasn’t until they had children that things really began to fall into place. Working with Jonathan they sketched plans for an interlocking play system of panels, which became the first concept of Kitcamp.

They began to research materials, explore designs and take child development courses to understand exactly how they could develop a unique product that harnessed and inspired children’s incredible learning potential through play.

From the outset, the design objectives were that it should be light, yet robust enough for children to manipulate and create their own play spaces, non-toxic, and with an underlying emphasis on a sustainable product lifecycle. The result today, is Kitcamp, a unique modular play system that helps children actively explore and create, socialise, and ultimately build their confidence as they grow into the world around them.

Based in Wiltshire, Kitcamp is also supported by a team of teachers who actively contribute to creating curriculum-based learning through play opportunities with Kitcamp. See our Toolkits for real examples of how Kitcamp can improve and transform learning environments for children.

Happy, confident children.

Kitcamp is an innovative play system that develops childrens’ confidence; improves social interaction, self esteem, and inspires creative learning opportunities. All with a smile on their face (except when they’re concentrating) and playing! The interlocking panels are easy and safe for children to handle and can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s perfect for nurseries and primary schools, or you may want to try it at home, so please take a look at what’s in our offer.

The Play Project Consultants

Play Project

The Play Project is a new venture setup to support you with all things play! Kitcamp are collaborating with The Play Project Consultants Ltd to manage our UK operations. The Play Project brings a wealth of experience in early years and primary teaching, and a deep understanding of the importance of active and engaging play in child development.

The Play Project offer a range of services too, from conducting engaging play workshops to CPD training for teachers, schools, and anyone interested in meaningful and beneficial play opportunities for children.

Emma Lambert

Play Advocate

Emma has worked in education for nearly 20 years in leading teaching roles, working on borough wide initiatives and supporting other teachers. During her seven years as a Primary Deputy Head, Emma worked extensively on curriculum development, with a passion for creating purposeful, fun and engaging learning through play. Emma also created bespoke curriculums for home educating families, giving her insight into the power of personalised learning.

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Ruth Simmons

Play Advocate

Ruth is a primary teacher with particular interests in physical development, being active and science. She is a big believer in learning through play and feels it’s important to extend this beyond the first years at school. She loves the science behind how we learn and how we can apply research into daily routines in the classroom and when parenting. Ruth is interested in education in an international and global context.

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