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To offer children memorable and extraordinary play experiences.

Child on Kitcamp

``The neutral and versatile nature of Kitcamp lends itself to providing benefits beyond traditional playground equipment``

Dr. Jennie Ferrell, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Health and Social Sciences,University of the west of England (UWE).

The benefits on child development

Why Kitcamp matters.

Read a summary report, by Dr. Jennie Ferrell, Senior lecturer, University of the west of England (UWE).


Why Kitcamp?

Imagine the universal delight of the cardboard box, the creative simplicity of the original Lego and the innate desire that every child has to build dens - and you have Kitcamp.

  • It enables kids to actively create and control their own play space.
  • Kitcamp offers varied play opportunities in limited spaces, as well as the modular nature enabling it to be used on a large scale.
  • As kids mature, so does their play. Kitcamp offers different opportunities for kids of various ages and abilities.
  • It’s weather-proof and UV resistant, so suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The material is free of chemicals and is recyclable.
  • The simplicity of Kitcamp allows it to be easily deconstructed and stored away.

What is Kitcamp?

A strong, light and incredibly versatile play system that stimulates key areas of early years development.

It’s light.

Each panel is light enough for young kids to pick up and start creating.


Kitcamp is made using EPP, an incredibly light and strong material that is used in the car industry for it’s light weight, strength and high impact resistance.

Simple and versatile.

The simple assembly method, combined with the light weight and strength allows kids to quickly and easily build incredible dens, forts, houses, rockets, ships, or whatever they imagine.

Kitcamp Panel

Stimulates child development.

Child psychologists agree; University of the West of England (UWE) recently produced an independent psychological report on Kitcamp, with emphasis on the cognitive, physical, social and emotional developmental benefits for children.

Improves social development.

Children learn to work as a team, negotiating to build their own environments and acting out scenarios within these environments. Kitcamp encourages social interaction and role play, stimulating executive function development in children.

It’s physical and creative.

Through construction and playing with Kitcamp children can develop their spatial awareness skills and get physically active by building and negotiating their play environments.

``In addition to the advantages any large play equipment would provide, they (Kitcamp's panels) allow for children to create their own playscape, creating a need for more physical manipulation and physical awareness, rather than to use what is already constructed.``

Dr Jennie Ferrell, Senior lecturer, Department of Health and Social Sciences,University of the west of England (UWE).

Kitcamp in action

Children interacting with Kitcamp