A strong, light and versatile play system that boosts child development through play.

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“It’s not often you come across something that supports children’s all-around development in a way that is so creative yet also lends itself to the children’s physical development, which just demonstrates to me it’s versatility.”

Charter Primary School

Kitcamp in Schools

Sport Premium

Being an Active School...

Make the most of your Sports Premium with Kitcamp. It's an incredibly versatile tool that meets the criteria and offers a broad experience of physical education and active learning throughout the school day.

Our Toolkits also support you with physical activities and games, and contribute to active learning environments in the classroom and outdoors.


Cognitive development

Kitcamp is the perfect tool for STEM. By building and creating play spaces kids learn about problem solving and construction; developing fine and gross motor skills.

Our Tool Kits cover topics and activities involving the sciences. Why not use Kitcamp to create a science lab!

...and play

Pure creative fun

Learning can be a fun playful activity and there is so much value in learning through play.

Kitcamp is a tool that offers children so many inspirational and playful learning opportunities, without them realising they're learning.

What People Are Saying

“I love it. It has potential for all children: gifted children, less able children, anyone. It can be used all year round outside or inside, and it’s suitable for all ages (not just KS1).”

Mrs Genner, Senior Teacher, Churchfields.

An inventive and engaging way to promote team work and thinking outside the box. The suppliers were professional and articulate in training. The equipment was safe and durable, even for the toughest year 6 children!

Ms Barnes-Taylor, Teaching Assistant, Heytesbury Primary School

The neutral and versatile nature of Kitcamp lends itself to providing benefits beyond traditional playground equipment.

Dr Jennie Ferrell, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England

This is the most imaginative thing I have ever seen. It’s better than Lego!

Ollie, Year 6

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Tool Kits

Calling all teachers!

Make the most of using Kitcamp in your everyday lessons with our inspiring, active and creative Toolkits. 

All our Toolkits are developed by teachers for teachers and meet the objectives of EYFS and the national curriculum. Saving you time and keeping kids active in a stimulating learning environment.