School Starter Kit

£2,175.00 excl. VAT and delivery

Kitcamp school starter kit
Kitcamp weatherproof storage bags.
Kitcamp hold all bags

School Starter Kit

£2,175.00 excl. VAT and delivery

Transform the learning environment through child-led and guided play opportunities, indoor and outdoors, and in all weathers.

An incredible resource that is more affordable and offers more uses and benefits than traditional, fixed playground equipment.

It’s perfect for problem-solving, communication and teamwork through physical activity and roleplay; developing physical literacy, social and cognitive skills.

Improvise and extend their learning and play experiences by adding accessories and props.

Create activity tables, painting and mark making stations, or a science lab. Extend roleplay by building a spaceship, submarine or a hospital. Plunge from a ship into an underwater cave, or build a set for a celebration assembly.

It’s incredibly lightweight (each panel is about 1kg) and strong (a cube can take over 230kg), allowing young children to easily manipulate it.

Make the most out of Kitcamp and register for your free collection of inspiring “Toolkits” – creative resources that are developed by teachers for teachers. Saving you time and providing children with stimulating learning through play experiences, whilst meeting curriculum and EYFS goals.

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School kit contents

5 x Solid square expanded polypropylene (EPP) panels.
10 x Round hole square EPP panels.
10 x Square hole square EPP panels.
20 x Triangular EPP panels.
2 x Sails/canopies. Each 2 x 1.35m.
50 x orange plugs, for attaching items to panels.
20 x Blue straps for securing structures.
40 x Yellow straps for fastening panels.
4 x Whiteboards to attach to panels for mark making.
20 x Cardboard inserts to fit to panels for creative activites.
5 x All weather holdall bags.
1 x Accessory bag for small parts.

Kitcamp must be used on a well-maintained turf or impact absorbing surface in accordance with BS EN1177.
Kitcamp has been tested and complies with all relevant BS EN71 standards.