Can STEM solve the Engineering shortage?

year of engineering

Calling all engineers! 2018 is marked as the Year of Engineering by the government[1]. This is to address a shortage of young people aspiring to be engineers. The shortage is predicted to be 20,000 short of the jobs available in the sector leading to a significant impact on productivity and growth in the UK alone. Big investment from partners such as

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Once upon a time…

Gender issues

Tall, strong and handsome… my hero? Generations of storytelling have led to a widely accepted structure to story writing. Generally, there is a familiar scenario then something goes wrong. This problem then requires someone or something to step up and become a hero. Indeed, a villain added into the mix creates the perfect recipe for

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The right to play.

Right, Play, IKEA, Lego, Peter Gray, UNICEF

How has something instinctive become a right we have to knowingly make time for? Circumstance should not decide kids’ right to play, feel safe and explore the world. Every child has the right to play. Through play, we learn. I don’t mean giving a child a set of brightly coloured objects and telling them the

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