Your New Year Goal or Project!

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, how about asking your family what they’d like to do or learn this year?  Resolutions are great, but a desire to learn something new or ‘do’ or ‘make’ something special are longer-term goals which can be focussed on and put to one side at times.  A ‘project for new Year’

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I am in Space

NASA Moon landing

“If you’re inquisitive about life and about the world around you, then space is the ultimate adventure.” Richard Branson Exploring Space and the Universe through STEM, History and Play Space and the Universe spans so many areas of learning – Science, History, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Shape and Measure, Art, STEM, role-play and

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The Importance of Den Building

Kitcamp Snow Den

Making dens is a serious business in my household: barely a day passes without sofa cushions and blankets being rearranged into a den! We live in a flat with no outside space to call our own. Despite park trips and sports clubs, there remains plenty of energy, so in the absence of a garden our inside

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Inspiring loose parts play

Kitcamp Loose parts

Kitcamp: a new inspiration for loose parts play You may not have heard the term ‘loose parts’ before, but you’ll recognise the type of play. Imagine a child tinkering with a collection of seemingly unrelated objects, e.g. sticks, pine cones, cardboard tubes, shells and buttons. They’ll use these bits and bobs to build a tower,

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PLAY – that four letter word!

Playing with Kitcamp

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” Fred Rogers. Picture the scene, the Headteacher walks in and sees busy-ness and ‘fun’ taking place in the classroom, children engaged, talking with each other, laughing or

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Warm up to the Winter Olympic Games

Winter Sports

Inspired by the Winter Olympics, Kitcamp’s ‘Active Schools’ Toolkit #iamplayingwintersports brings the world of winter sports to your school. The Winter Olympics are officially in full flow in Beijing. Much as we long for spring here in the UK, we are still in the grip of winter! But snow and the Winter Olympics introduce new concepts

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